Outsourcing of Project Evaluation

Working for CTI PFAN, IRENA, EEP and REEEP (among others) the evaluation of clean energy and climate projects for selection to receive funding support through challenge and financing funds has become a specific skill set. We are familiar with the economic and development criteria and indicators used by many development aid programmes when evaluating projects and can provide these services to them. We are also familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals and other key metrics for measuring and monitoring development, social and economic impact and have developed our own in-house methodologies.

PPL provides the following outsourced services to development aid programmes and financial institutions:

  • Design and implementation of custom evaluation methodologies for project selection
  • Outsourcing of project evaluation and due diligence for financial institutions (for credit and investment committees)
  • Preparation of decision documents for credit / investment committees
  • Project Review – Monitoring and Evaluation of ongoing projects