Raising Finance

Most entrepreneurs and project developers are un-prepared for the challenge of raising financing and underestimate how long it will take and what it will cost to reach financial close. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to structuring investment and project finance for clean energy and climate projects. Investors and finance providers have varying investment appetites and differing requirements, procedures and approval cycles. Financing structures have to be carefully structured to cater to the Investor’s expectations as well as meeting the needs and capabilities of the project / investment at hand.

The financing negotiation is a highly sensitive process which requires skill and experience and relies on relationships and building trust. PPL can take charge of this process helping to identify and approach the “right” investors and financing institutions, prepare bankable documents, create and negotiate term sheets, support negotiations and guide entrepreneurs / project developers to securing the financing they need. We also accompany the due diligence process and provide support to projects / entrepreneurs in fulfilling conditions precedent to ensure that deals reach financial close.

PPL provides support and advice on

  • Transaction Structuring
  • Identification and Sourcing of Investors / Financing Providers
  • Negotiation of Term Sheets
  • Preparation of bankable Project Investment Documents (PIMs / Grant Applications / Credit Applications)
  • Deal Facilitation & Due Diligence;
  • Support in achieving Conditions Precedent

PPL has close relationships to a range of investors and financing providers including donors, development finance institutions and development banks, foundations and family offices, impact investors, private equity funds, venture and hedge capital funds, clean energy and climate change strategic investors, industrial investors, carbon investors, international and commercial banks.

We have expertise and experience with structuring and sourcing the following types of financing transactions and instruments

  • Grants & Soft Loans
  • Development & Risk Capital
  • Equity (incl. hybrids – eg preference shares / mezzanine etc)
  • Debt (incl. hybrids – eg convertible loans)
  • Project & Structured Finance
  • Asset Finance